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PHOTO WALK carried in English
 the most beautiful beach in the Algarve  

Friday 2019 September 27*, 5:45-7:45 pm (Sunset: 7:24 pm)
Rerun Sunday 2019 Sept. 29*, 8:15-10:15 am (Low tide: 9:15 am)
*: other days/times/places by request (same price if only 1 attendee)
 Registration    in progress (<- click here to BOOK now)

24 or 20 euros (12 or 10 euros for 8 to 16 year olds)

     Due to its not very obvious access, this place remains an undiscovered gem. We will see the only Portuguese palm species and one photogenic forest of native pine trees. We will descend a path to Antelope Canyon stile sandstone formations. On the beach we will see algars (vertical cylindrical holes in the limestone caused by erosion) and a great variety of fossils, as it is seen nowhere else in the Algarve. We'll cross a natural tunnel to the next beach (which has itself an "island") and move to our "hidden spot" where we'll shoot arches, low tide pools with anemones, and enter well lit caves one leading to another and then to another.

You don't have to take pictures.

Caves Beach view
Caves Beach view     The guide will be José Romão, a conservationist biologist author of the Nature Photography book "Cape Roca". He will provide information on the life forms and geological motifs that are encountered as the walk progresses, drawing attention to potentially photogenic motifs and giving photographic advice. Shoot by yourself or with the assistance of José Romão and ask the questions you want.

Registration: payment must reach us by Friday September 27 at 3:30 pm, deadline also to give up and get a full refund. Please register by form or phone (+351) 282 444 536 or (+351) 969 871 009.

Price: 24 euros per person (20 euros for previous participants of Mil Cores's events). 50% additional discount for 8 to 16 years olds. Registration in the 2 walks: 29 or 25 euros or 21 or 19 euros respectively.
Purchase this Photo Walk and you'll be able to attend our Basic Photography Workshop 15 euros cheaper. Registration in the 2 courses.
Caves Beach viewCancellation: in case of local adverse weather conditions or force majeure the walk can be postponed to a date set by the organization, with full and immediate reimbursement honored.

Meeting: the email we send you after we receive your payment contains precise instructions to get to the meeting point by car or bus, GPS coordinates, etc.
Caves Beach viewFriday 2019 September 27:
     Moonset: 7:03 pm
     Sunset: 7:24 pm
     Low tide: 8:17 pm (-14 cm)
New Moon: September 28, 7:26 pm
Sunday 2019 September 29:
     Sunrise: 7:27 am
     Moonrise: 8:02 am
     Low Tide: 9:15 am (-16 cm)

Useful Telephone Numbers (please make a note):
     José Romão: (+351) 282 444 536, cell phone (+351) 969 871 009
     SOS: 112
     vaivem.pt (bus 14): (+351) 282 470 777

Route difficulty: short, easy to medium difficulty track, low effort, we move slowly because we'll be shooting. Not suitable for people with limited mobility.
Caves Beach viewShoes, clothing, water, suggested equipment:
Flip-flops, or sandals that can be wetted by sea water, or old tennis shoes, or aquashoes for walking on low tide rocks.
Leave a second pair of (dry) shoes in your car.
Shorts or swiming trunks (although our path is dry, these allow you to see an extra grotto).
Camera or smartphone, photographic equipment if you have any (filters, tripod), one extra battery.
Notebook and pen, if you want to take some notes or write down my tips.
Bottle of water for you to drink (we do not provide anything).
Hat (for the morning walk only).
Caves Beach view  Precautions:
     As we will be near the cliff, there is always a risk of falling rocks.
     The rocks lined with green algae are slippery.
     Watch your children.
By participating in this walk, the participant assumes all responsibility for any losses that he or she may incur, for which the organization does not take responsibility.
You shall not damage, remove, or disturb anything, smoke, litter or make noise.
Click here to request an email notice when new Walks are scheduled.
In the case of walks on request, we can do them for the same price and duration (or upon estimate), on almost every day until October 8, 2019, between 6:30 AM and 11:00 PM (icluding nighttime photography of natural landscapes in the moonlight or with the Milky Way, for instance), even at high tide (only on the cliff, also with very beautiful views as in the last 2 photos of this page, or in combination with beaches), or in any of 2 nearby beaches also extremely photogenic.
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