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Biological Optical Photomicrography

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JR00172 head of Colembola showing the eyes
JR00172 head of Colembola showing the eyes JR00257 mitotic interphase: nuclei showing nucleolus/i with fibrillar and granular zones Vicia faba, Feulgen staining JR00264 metaphase plate showing chromosomes with 2 sister-chromatids, Vicia faba root meristem, Feulgen staining JR00279 zygotene phase of meiosis in Pollen Mother Cells of Lillium candidum, carmine staining JR00386 cells of the internal epidermic pellicle of onion (Allium cepa) bulb scales, nuclei, nucleoli and chondrioma (mitochondria), Lenoir's staining
JR00391 nucleus, cells of the internal epidermic pellicle of onion (Allium cepa) bulb scales, methyl green "vital" staining JR00394 nucleus, trabeculae, in cells of internal epidermis of the scales of onion Allium cepa, carmine staining JR00395 xhanthoplasts in cells of the petals of jasmin JR00399 chloroplasts in cells of the leaf of Elodea canadensis JR00421 potato (Solanum tuberosum) starch grains, Lugol staining, 200x
JR00427 spermatozoids of Homo sapiens, acridine-orange blue-excitation epifluorescence, 500x JR00451 Bacillus subtilis bacteria, positive Gram (+) staining JR00453 Escherichia coli bacteria, negative Gram (-) staining JR00481 Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, positive Gram (+) staining JR00484 Streptococcus faecalis bacteria, positive Gram (+) staining, 500x
JR00595 Brassica sp. protoplasts during fusion by electroporation / JR00595 Brassica protoplasts during fusion by electroporation JR01186 in situ autoradiography of 3H-thymidine incorporated into the nuclei, Vicia faba root meristem, Feulgen staining JR01251 Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis: endospores, Moller’s technique, 500x JR01269 salivary glands’ polytene chromosomes, larva of the mosquito Chironomus riparia (Diptera) 40x JR01459 natural fluorescence (chlorophyll) cloroplasts Geranium dissectum petiole
JRib16 metaphase chromosomes of Vicia faba showing primary and secondary constrictions and Q-banding JR00425 lythocyst with calcium carbonate cystolyth, and palissade parenchima in transversal section of Ficus magnolioides leaf

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